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Where to place welcome signs at Pleasant Park in Fortnite


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A new week of Fortnite season 7 challenges has arrived, and the alien invasion is continuing. Some folks are glad to see our extraterrestrial overlords establish dominance over the human race, though, and they’ve rolled out the welcome signs to prove it.

This week, as part of a multi-stage list of challenges, Epic wants you to place welcome signs at Pleasant Park or Lazy Lake. You’ll need to place four welcome signs to finish the challenge, and thankfully you can knock this one out at Pleasant Park and never have to go to Lazy Lake.

The welcome signs will appear as translucent blue lights in the shape of, you guessed it, sandwich board signs like you’d see outside a cozy restaurant. Check the picture at the top of the page.

Read on for every location you can place a welcome sign in Fortnite.

Pleasant Park welcome sign locations

Welcome sign 1: Southwestern end of town, by the bleachers on the west side of the soccer field.

Welcome sign 2: Near the first sign, across the street by the house directly across from the parking spots. You can probably see the outline of the welcome sign from the first location.

Welcome sign 3: Center of Pleasant Park, at the south end of the open-air roofed area.

Welcome sign 4: In front of the house at the northwest corner of town.

Welcome sign 5: At the northeast exit out of town (where it turns into a dirt road), you’ll see the sign on the sidewalk.

Again, you only need to place four, so just choose whichever ones work best for you. Assuming you didn’t land into a giant firefight, you should be able to complete this challenge quickly.

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