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At last, Midnight Suns got a New Game+ update that lets you keep your cards

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Midnight Suns is a great game, one of the best I played last year, but a recurring complaint from diehards has been the way its New Game+ mode works. While it previously let you carry over unlocked characters and their friendship levels, research requirements, and whatever cosmetics you’d unlocked remained unlocked (though ones that cost gloss had to be paid for again), all the effort you put into earning hero cards went to waste.

As of the latest update, that’s finally been fixed: “Toggles have been added to customize the New Game+ experience and choose progression to carry over!” it says. Here’s what you can toggle, whether you want to make your New Game+ run easier or harder. 

  • Hero Abilities: Includes hero cards and abilities, including Hunter Collars and Passives
  • Friendship Levels: Includes hero and team friendship levels and rewards
  • Resources: Includes Credits, Essence, Blueprints, Intel, Gloss, and Arcane Knowledge
  • Cosmetics: Includes unlocked cosmetics, with purchased cosmetics immediately available

I’ve been putting off a dark side New Game+ run, but now it sure is tempting to jump back in and drop another 90 hours on a Marvel game where Scarlet Witch gets a much better arc than she did in the movies. The whole season pass’ worth of DLC characters are out now too, meaning that Storm, Venom, Morbius, and Deadpool will all be available to join the squad.

It’s great to see Firaxis is still updating Midnight Suns, even after being hit by layoffs, with around 30 game workers losing their jobs at the studio. While I’d love to see Firaxis get to make a sequel that was even better, the next game on its schedule is Civilization 7, which will probably be more of a guaranteed earner given that Midnight Suns failed to set the charts alight. 

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