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Prime Day deals on boring, everyday computer stuff

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We’ve spent the past two days collecting all the most exciting Prime Day deals for PC gaming, with everything from laptops to SSDs. However, there’s plenty more stuff that might improve your PC gaming (or home office) setup that just isn’t that exciting. We get it, a new mouse pad doesn’t quite excite the imagination like a shiny new gaming laptop, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Why not get it on sale?

This roundup is all about highlighting the best Prime Day deals that are pretty boring, but might still come in handy.

JIKIOU 3 Mouse Pad, 3-Pack | $8.53 (save $4.46)

JIKIOU 3 Mouse Pad, 3-Pack | $8.53 (save $4.46)
Mouse pads that take up your entire desk or shine RGB lights are pretty fun, but if you just need the basics, this 3-pack of mouse pads is a good choice at under $9. Keep them in a drawer for when your current one gets too dirty, or give one to a friend!

View DealAnker 63W USB Charger | $39.09 (save $21.90)

Anker 63W USB Charger | $39.09 (save $21.90)
This 4-port USB wall charger is a great item to keep on your desk for charging up wireless accessories (like headsets or mice), your phone, or anything else USB-powered without taking up valuable USB ports on your PC.

View DealMagicFiber Microfiber Cloths, 6-Pack | $8.99 (save $2.70)

MagicFiber Microfiber Cloths, 6-Pack | $8.99 (save $2.70)
Microfiber cloths are the quickest way to clean something covered in dust, smudges, and fingerprints without resorting to water—which usually isn’t an option with electronics. This pack of six cloths should last you a long time, especially since they can be hand-washed.

View DealAkro-Mils 24-Drawer Cabinet | $37.56 (save $8.34)

Akro-Mils 24-Drawer Cabinet | $37.56 (save $8.34)
I’ve used a cabinet like this for years to store and organize my cables, SD cards, wall plugs, and other smaller tech items that tend to get lost. Works best when you can print small labels on each drawer with a label maker.

SAMSUNG BAR Plus 32GB Flash Drive | $8.49 (save $0.50)

SAMSUNG BAR Plus 32GB Flash Drive | $8.49 (save $0.50)
This 32GB flash drive is great to have around for whenever you need to transfer data quickly between PCs. You can also turn it into a Windows recovery/reinstall drive, just in case your PC decides to break itself in the future after a failed Windows 10 update. Amazon says it’s $5.50 off, but it’s really $0.50 below the last price. That’s 50 cents you can put toward another deal on this list, though.

View DealTablet/Phone Stand | $18 (save $14)

Tablet/Phone Stand | $18 (save $14)
If you don’t have a secondary monitor, this is a great way to keep an eye on Discord, Spotify, or other apps while you’re playing games—just slot your phone or tablet in, and place the stand next to your PC’s screen. Make sure to check the coupon button to get the full discount.

View DealReesibi Electric Cordless Air Duster | $63.79 (save $12.76)

Reesibi Electric Cordless Air Duster | $63.79 (save $12.76)
This cordless air duster ensures you’ll never have to buy a canister of compressed air for cleaning keyboards (and the insides of PCs) ever again. It also charges over USB Type-C, which is pretty fancy, if you ask me.

View DealBluetooth USB Adapter | $9.41 (save $1.88)

Bluetooth USB Adapter | $9.41 (save $1.88)
Many PC motherboards still don’t come with Bluetooth radios, blocking you from using VR accessories, many types of wireless headphones, and other devices with your desktop. This fixes that issue for under $10.

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