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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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MSI just had to unlaunch its RTX 3060 Ti Super 3X because it’s not actually ‘Super’

MSI recalls its RTX 3060 Ti Super 3X just a week after release because Nvidia wasn’t too keen on its name. HKEPC (via videocardZ) reports...

Nvidia predicts explosive future for AI even as gaming graphics revenues plummet by 46%

Nvidia has released its latest earnings info showing revenues down by 46% in the most recent quarter compared with the same period a year...

Modders are on an RTX rampage having added ray tracing to Half-Life 2, Max Payne and even SWAT 4

A while back we reported that Portal was getting a full Nvidia RTX overhaul. Created in-house at Nvidia's Lightspeed Studios, it's been made possible...

Chivalry 2 DLSS update promises 4K 60 fps dismemberment action on any Geforce RTX GPU

One of my favorite multiplayer games of this year, Chivalry 2, just received DLSS support allowing for an impressive boost in performance. How much...

Every E3 2021 game with ray tracing

It wasn't such a banner year for ray tracing games at E3 2021, at least not compared to the RTX-fest that was E3 2019,...

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