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Amazon Game Studios

Amazon disables New World ‘wealth transfers’ to fight gold dupe exploit

Amazon has temporarily disabled all forms of wealth transfer in its new MMO New World, including player-to-player transfers, guild treasuries, sending currency, and trading...

Jeff Bezos heralds New World’s success ‘after many failures and setbacks in gaming’

Amazon's fantasy MMO New World went live earlier this week, and despite some high-profile troubles with long queues and silly lore, it's a hit:...

New World leveling guide

More New World guidesNew World crafting: How it works New World servers: Find the one for you New World petalcap: Where to find them New World hemp:...

Show us your New World characters

If you're jumping into New World today, you've got an agonising choice ahead before you find yourself shipwrecked in Aeternum. You'll need to decide...

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