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Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation mod tools deliver Ridley Scott’s original vision of a Xenomorph stalking Dust 2

An extremely enterprising Alien: Isolation mod project, OpenCAGE, has released its latest set of tools for the game: And demonstrated just what a big...

The making of horror masterpiece Alien: Isolation: ‘It was a giddy, exhausting, intense time’

In 2010, a group of hardcore Alien fans at Creative Assembly were given the opportunity of a lifetime: making a game set in that...

The 10 best PC games on Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a reasonably priced way to enjoy a bunch of quality PC games without having to fork out for them all...

Alien: Isolation is free for 24 hours on the Epic Store

Alien: Isolation is one of the greatest movie-adjacent games ever made, scoring a whopping 93% at launch from PC Gamer, which makes it a...

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