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Fortnite update reintroduces Tilted Towers, dope dinosaurs

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Fortnite update 19.10 is a big one, literally. The latest Fortnite patch adds the Klombo, a new species of How to Train Your Dragon-looking dinosaurs, and reintroduces Tilted Towers, one of Fortnite’s most beloved locations.

Besides being dangerously adorable, the Klombo also add a couple new mechanics that could potentially shake up how you play Fortnite. Tilted Towers is the same as it ever was (mostly), and now that it’s thawed out, it’s worth revisiting to check out what’s old and what’s new.

Fortnite 19.10 has also unvaulted one weapon that longtime Fortnite players will remember: the grenade launcher.

Fortnite Klombo: What are the new dinos?

Remember the giant beast teased in the Fortnite Chapter 3 reveal trailer? That’s a Klombo, a new species of giant dinosaurs that bear an uncanny resemblance to Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. If Toothless weighed six tons and had a blowhole, anyway.

The Klombo spawn randomly around the island, and frankly can be a bit hard to find despite their size. Check around temperate areas with lots of water, as that’s where the trailer hints they can be found.

So what do they do? The Klombo have a blowhole on the back of their head that will rocket you up into the air much like any other bouncy surface. Just climb up their tails to reach it.

If you find a Klomberry, a blue fruit that spawns around bushes, you can feed it to the Klombo to make it spawn a random item. Klomberries will also calm a rampaging Klombo, if you accidentally attacked one and angered it. Klomberries also give you a small health boost if you eat them.

Tilted Towers is back

This is the big one, folks. Maybe bigger than cuddly dinosaurs. A huge chunk of the map has thawed away to reveal Tilted Towers in all its glory. There’s really not much to say here because it has all the spots you’d want in a Tilted Towers revival, including the clocktower and the parking garage.

Tilted Towers has been one of Fortnite’s most revised locations throughout its first 10 seasons, being hit by a meteor, crushed by a cube, and turned into a cyberpunk city, a wild west town, a crater, and a Mad Max desert village, in no particular order.

Unvaulted items and fixes

Last on the update list, the grenade launcher has been unvaulted. You’ll find it as an item in rare chests, supply drops, and sharks. Might as well turn Tilted Towers into Tumbling Towers.

Epic has also fixed an issue with the Victory Royale crown feature introduced in Chapter 3. If you somehow earned more than 99 victories in battle royale (woof), the crown will now display the appropriate number of stars around your character’s head rather than tapping out at 99.

Don’t forget to check out our Fortnite guides for more challenge walkthroughs and news on the latest skins. You’ll soon be able to check out Fortnite on iOS again thanks to Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming platform.

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