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Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft’s MouseTrap works, and console players are dancing on cheat hardware’s grave

Ubisoft's wild attempt to create a software that can detect and defeat people using a mouse and keyboard on Rainbow Six Siege's console version...

Ubisoft drops plan to hold Rainbow Six Siege major in United Arab Emirates

Update: Following community outcry against the decision to hold a Rainbow Six Siege Major in the United Arab Emirates, a country where being LGBTQ+...

Major esports host ESL Gaming is now owned by Saudi Arabia

Pending regulatory approval, a holding company owned by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund has purchased esports event organizer ESL Gaming and tournament platform FACEIT....

Rainbow Six Siege finally stops punishing players for winning against cheaters

Two years after introducing MMR rollback features intended to thwart cheaters, Ubisoft will finally stop penalizing players who manage to defeat cheaters in Ranked...

Leaks suggest Rainbow Six Siege’s next operator is a new kind of healer

Ubisoft has begun sharing tiny details about Rainbow Six Siege's next season, starting with a name: North Star. Information is scarce so far, but...

Rainbow Six Siege trailer reveals how the new operator Aruni got her cool robot arm

The next season of Rainbow Six Siege, called Operation Neon Dawn, will kick off tomorrow with a maintenance period scheduled to begin at 8...

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