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Rainbow Six Siege finally stops punishing players for winning against cheaters

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Two years after introducing MMR rollback features intended to thwart cheaters, Ubisoft will finally stop penalizing players who manage to defeat cheaters in Ranked matches.

The change comes as part of this week’s Siege patch that included a number of other updates to Matchmaking Rating (MMR) in Ranked. Under the new rules, Ubisoft will now let players keep the MMR they gained by defeating a banned cheater. The changes are live now, so if you jump into a match with a cheater from today onward, you can live happily knowing the most frustrating match of your life won’t count against you if you win.

❗ MMR Update ❗ The following changes to MMR are now live:⬆ MMR Squad restriction reverted to 1000🕚 MMR Rollback updated to only reflect recent matches🥇 Players keep MMR when they win against a cheater Get your team together and aim for Champion! pic.twitter.com/3d86JANh2cSeptember 8, 2021

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Previously, if you played with a cheater, Ubisoft would retroactively roll back the MMR of everybody who was present in that match. At worst, this would sometimes result in dropping a rank because there was a cheater in a match you won a few days or weeks ago. Now, only the accounts on the cheater’s team will lose points. Playing against cheaters is already a frustrating experience, whether you win or not, so this seems like a positive move overall.

In addition to the changes to combat the frustrations of playing with cheaters, the Squad MMR cap has been reverted back to 1,000 after dropping to 700 earlier this year. The reversion will make it easier to play with your friends of varying skill brackets in addition to butting heads against similarly skilled teams.

These changes come just as Year 6’s third season, Crystal Guard, begins. Siege’s latest operator, Osa, is now available for Battle Pass owners. She’s a strong attacker equipped with the 556XI assault rifle and a PDW9 submachine gun, but it’s her secondary gadget that’ll steal your—and your enemy’s–attention. She’s got a translucent shield that can be placed in doorways and windows as well as wielded as a Clash-like shield when entering objective points. This will keep you safe while you get a good view and can be dropped by hitting a red canister, similar to Mira’s gadget.

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