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QuakeCon 2022 will feature dirty keyboards and Skyrim sweet rolls

With the 2022 edition of QuakeCon now just a couple weeks away, Bethesda has revealed the full schedule of events, which will include an...

Quake, the 26-year-old FPS, gets new accessibility options and maps

It's not often that 26-year-old videogames are updated, but it just happened for the great id Software shooter Quake. And it's a pretty substantial...

Why is Quake so damn fast? John Romero explains

It feels like a given that you move absurdly fast in the original Quake: Classic shooters are fast, that's just how it is. But...

Quake’s new episode is fraggin’ brilliant

As part of last week's surprise remaster, landmark FPS Quake has been graced with a whole new episode. Titled Dimension of the Machine, Quake's...

The Quake remaster brings back a cut section of E2M6

When Quake was being developed, the developers at id set a self-imposed limit of 1.4MB for each .bsp file, meaning no map could go...

QuakeCon 2021 schedule briefly mentioned a ‘revitalized’ Quake

Bethesda released the full schedule for QuakeCon 2021 earlier today, ahead of its August 19 launch. It's an all-digital affair, with a nice mix...

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