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QuakeCon 2022 will feature dirty keyboards and Skyrim sweet rolls

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With the 2022 edition of QuakeCon now just a couple weeks away, Bethesda has revealed the full schedule of events, which will include an up-close look at Redfall, PC building tutorials, speedruns, charity fundraising, and something called the “QuakeCon Dirty Keyboard Contest.”

I don’t recall hearing about the Dirty Keyboard Contest previously, but apparently it’s well-known among fans: Bethesda referred to it as “legendary,” and it even has its own trailer, although to be fair it’s mainly just an ad for contest sponsor Steelseries. It seems a little bit weird to me to want to broadcast to the world that you’re a filthy animal who can’t be bothered to clean the keys once a year or so, but I guess in this era of celebrity surveillance it’s not the worst thing you might end up doing for a shot at free stuff. (And no, it’s not as if my own is in a pristine, out-of-the-box state, but I’m not going to let anyone see it like this either.)

Back to the event itself: QuakeCon 2022, which as Bethesda announced in April will once again be an all-digital affair, will begin at 10 am PT/1 pm ET on August 18 with a “Welcome to QuakeCon” address from id Software’s Marty Stratton. After that the show will move straight into a 30-minute look at Redfall, Arkane’s upcoming vampire shooter, followed by highlights including PC Building 101 tutorials, a World of Cosplay exhibition, Fallout 4 and Ghostwire: Tokyo speedruns for charity, and a “best sweet roll” competition, in which gamers put their baking skills to the test to bring Skyrim’s favorite confection to life.

That’s day one: QuakeCon will continue through two more days with PetCon (bonus points if your pet is cosplaying), Cards Against Humanity, late-night Golf With Friends, the Quake Pro League finals, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It’s no doubt disappointing for die-hard QuakeCon fans that they’re going to miss another year of Bring Your Own Computer, but overall it sounds like a pretty packed digital event. The full schedule, with details on each event, is up at bethesda.net.

QuakeCon kicks off in just 2 weeks on Thursday, 8/18 at 1 PM ET on Twitch! Check out our full stream schedule, and read more details on programming, prizes, and the amazing charities you can help support: https://t.co/92jaIfJDK0 pic.twitter.com/xkgmSs8m4UAugust 4, 2022

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