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At last, Midnight Suns got a New Game+ update that lets you keep your cards

Midnight Suns is a great game, one of the best I played last year, but a recurring complaint from diehards has been the way...

EA’s Black Panther game should be as scary as Wakanda Forever

 Warning: Some minor spoilers for Black Panther Wakanda ForeverEA recently announced it was working with Marvel to produce a handful of games. The publisher...

Play as Spider-Man’s dead uncle’s gravestone with this messed up mod

Modders are having a grand 'ol time with the recently released Spider-Man Remastered PC port. So far, we've seen model swaps that let you...

Here’s a look at the canceled Marvel MMO’s hero creator

Late last year, word got out that a massively multiplayer online game featuring Marvel characters was in the works at Daybreak Game Company, the...

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy shows off ray-tracing, DLSS, and other PC specifics

Back in August, Nvidia announced that Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy would launch with ray-traced reflections and DLSS, and that even players who don't...

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