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Magic: The Gathering

Magic’s new set has the only interesting poison mechanic I’ve seen in a game

I've mentioned before that when I started playing Magic I leaned on a "white weenie" deck, the kind that's full of low-cost creatures who,...

The next Magic set’s biomechanical nightmare was inspired by classical depictions of Hell

In Magic: The Gathering, the Phyrexians are the kind of villains who don't want to kill you because they'd rather remake you. Sure, the...

Magic: The Gathering has banned my beloved Meathook Massacre

On October 10, Wizards of the Coast announced that The Meathook Massacre card was being banned from Magic: The Gathering's Standard format in Arena,...

Transformers cards are coming to Magic: The Gathering

Since the Unicron-sized toy company Hasbro owns both Magic: The Gathering and the Transformers, maybe it's not the strangest thing in the world that...

Magic goes back to Dominaria to battle Phyrexia again

Magic: The Gathering knows that sometimes you have to go back to the beginning, but Wizards of the Coast has been pretty cautious about...

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