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How to get the Predator skin in Fortnite

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We’re 15 seasons into Fortnite, and this game still manages to surprise me, even after the God of War and the god of Xbox joined the cast. The Predator—the alien hunter who has 1) ripped a man’s spine out, 2) hunted xenomorphs, and 3) killed half of Riverdale—is now a Fortnite skin. If you’ve really been hankering for a creepier Fortnite experience, then the Predator skin seems like it’s for you.

But how do you get the Predator skin? From the item shop or quests? We’ve laid it all out for you below.

When does the Predator come to Fortnite

The Predator officially arrived in Fortnite on January 20. While the world watched the American presidential inauguration, a slimy monster appeared elsewhere to wreak havoc. But enough about the 45th president, right?

Epic has released an official trailer showing off how the Predator got onto the Fortnite island. Check it out below.

Here’s an audio log of Jonesy Epic released, in which the hapless hunter makes some remarks about whatever strange figure is hunting him. In a clear reference to the original Predator film, Jonesy says he’s going to go wallow in some mud.

:: Incoming Transmission – Reality Log 2053105-28 ::Target Description: Yautja – Trophy Hunter pic.twitter.com/ABWMVo0uUaJanuary 19, 2021

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How to get the Predator skin: Finish the Predator quests

It turns out you don’t need to purchase the Predator skin from the item shop. Battle pass owners will be able complete the Predator quests that have been added to the quest menu and earn the skin the old fashioned way. Check out our Fortnite hub for guides to the Predator quests. The only quest you need to finish is “defeat the Predator.

Predator skin cosmetics

Aside from the skin, it looks like players can collect the Predator’s arm blade as a pickaxe tool. There’s also a new weapon wrap that gives your guns a matte black sheen along with a slight red neon vibe.

Here’s a look at the Predator’s back bling, which appears to be an alien skull, but not that alien skull Predator fans might hope for. Oh, well.

The Predator’s backbling! pic.twitter.com/4tIKpaVckgJanuary 13, 2021

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The Predator skin also comes with an emote called “Bio-Helmet Online.” The Predator takes off his helmet and lets out a guttural roar in a clear reference to the original movie’s climax.

predators emote is cool pic.twitter.com/NN6sTTVe0IJanuary 20, 2021

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Don’t forget to check out our Fortnite guides, including walkthroughs for the newest quests, including some Predator-related challenges.

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