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The greatest livestream ragequits of all time

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Last week, Snoop Dogg committed what may well be the single greatest ragequit of all time. After getting his secondary exposed by a long touchdown pass in Madden 20, Snoop pounds the table, tosses out a few expletives, and disappears into the bowels of his mansion. The stream was left running for seven hours in total silence, before tha Doggfather finally returned to shut it off. This sequence was immediately enshrined in the Twitch Hall of Fame—right next to the Resident Sleeper incident and the collaborative Twitch Plays Pokémon. From now until eternity, all ragequits will be compared to the shining moment when Snoop failed to tackle Randy Moss.

Here at PC Gamer we are no strangers to throwing a strop. Following Snoop’s stellar example, we were inspired to compile some other notable ragequits. (Sadly all the undocumented examples of punching your little brother in the arm after they somehow scammed a win will be lost in time, which is probably for the best.) Remember folks, it’s just a game.

 Tyler1 (Dark Souls III)

As one of the highest-profile players ever banned from League of Legends, Tyler1 it was inevitable that a streamer with such notorious anger management issues would not get along well with Dark Souls. The highlight: After losing a fight against Lorian and Lothric, Tyler rips out his Xbox controller and, with a velocity typically reserved for the Dodgers bullpen, whips it against his desk before exiting stage right. The best part is if you listen closely, you’ll hear his computer ping that a USB device has been disconnected. Bonus points for the jaunty but barely controlled “alright guys, see you tomorrow” before the screen goes black.

Reynad (Hearthstone)

Ah, the salad days of Piloted Shredder RNG. I don’t think there’s ever been a card in Hearthstone that has led to more immediate Alt-F4s. In the clip above, Reynad, world-famous for his hair-trigger saltiness, finds a Mana Wraith inside his Shredder, throwing off his curve, and leading to an immediate misplay. (If you don’t play Hearthstone, what I’m trying to say is that he got really unlucky.) Reynad then retreats back to his decklist for a few pregnant moments, before ending the stream entirely. A classic. Reynad doesn’t stream much anymore, which is a shame, but makes sense now that he’s developing his own card game. His channel could be relied on for some genuinely exceptional play, and the occasional spiraling sullen disaster. 

Bubba Wallace (iRacing)

Remember early quarantine, when every sport was on pause and league organizations desperately tried to generate a facsimile for fans who suddenly had way too much time on their hands? This is the best moment to come out of that era. Bubba Wallace, a real life NASCAR driver, gets in a tiff on the track with Clint Bowyer. Wallace’s car drifts into the wall, leaving him in the dust, and he immediately starts to pack up his rig in the middle of the tournament. I have to respect it. If only leaving a race was that easy in real life.

Leffen (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

It’s gotta be weird being a Melee pro. You’re effectively going up against the same five people, and the same four characters, over and over again. There is no variety, no up-and-comers, just a never-ending exchange of Evo titles between Mew2king, Mango, PPMD, Hungrybox, and Armada. One of the people trapped in that purgatory is Leffen, who has earned a reputation for jumping off the stage in blazing glory after falling behind a stock or two. Honestly, it’s hard to blame him. 

Ninja (Among Us)

Screw the Anor Londo archers, the most frustrating experience in any PC game is getting thrown under the bus in Among Us by your dipshit friends. It is singularly neutering; evoking a primal, molecular-level anger that could power star-systems. Ninja found this out the hard way, and jumped out to his desktop before he could hear the gloating of the imposters. Skip to just before the eight minute mark for the full fury. (Nice Final Fantasy wallpaper, by the way.)

Tommyinnit (Minecraft)

Not technically a ragequit, but still worth highlighting because it’s cute. Tommyinnit is having a nice time stacking bricks to the heavens on Minecraft when he suddenly realizes he has an essay due tomorrow. That is no time to be gaming, young man! “Anyone who’s been postponing homework, I’m going to go do mine now so you should as well,” he says, abruptly abandoning a much simpler, college-free world where everything is made out of blocks. Life comes at you fast. 

 Dr. Disrespect (Fortnite)

The question with the Doctor is always where the character ends and the true animus begins. In the clip above at the 3’46” mark, when he slams his desk and control-alt-deletes after taking a laggy shot to the dick, is that actually representative of how fully grown man Guy Beahm feels about the videogame Fortnite? “This fucking game is terrible!” Or is it just a guy in a wig, vest, and Kenny Powers sunglasses hamming it up for the fans? As with so much of his schtick, the world may never truly know.

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