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Where is Shanty Town in Fortnite


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Shanty Town is one of many Fortnite locations where you can find color bottles to customize your Paint-a-Toona skin. At Shanty Town, you’ll find the Ghoulish Green color bottles for the Ghoul Trooper color scheme, which will give your Toona Fish a spooky green zombie tone.

Where is Shanty Town? You’ll recognize it as the town made of rickety wood and shacks west of Sludgey Swamp. It’s been around since the start of Fortnite Chapter 2, so you’ve probably visited before.

Once you get there, you’re looking for three green color bottles spread around the area.

Ghoulish Green color bottle 1: In the air above the pipe structure that looks like a trident…or maybe a menorah.

Ghoulish Green color bottle 2: Under the raised shack on the south side of town. It’s not hidden so it should be easy to spot from any location.

Ghoulish Green color bottle 3: Just like the last one, but under the raised shack on the north side of Shanty Town.

Once you’ve collected all the color bottles, you can go back to the Paint-a-Toona Fish page on the battle pass menu and unlock the Ghoulish Green Ghoul Trooper colors. Keep in mind that you’ll need enough rainbow ink to fully unlock the color scheme.

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