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RTX 4060 Ti uses same board as 3060, due out end of May

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Graphics cards are among the beating hearts of your gaming PC, allowing us to experience increasingly high fidelity gaming like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Unfortunately, they are also among the pricier pieces of kit you can shove in a computer case. Well, there’s good news as prices continue to drop across current and future cards. New pieces of information about Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 4060 Ti definitely tell the story of what we hope will be a good GPU at an excellent price.

VideoCardz got a look at some of Nvidia’s pre-embargo information around the upcoming cards. While we are still free of a solid release date it looks as though we are still set to see the RTX 4060 Ti hit shelves before the end of May. Though giving no solid date on the announcement or on-shelf times does make it feel like a last minute push from the company.

It also leaves room for the potential to launch the card as part of the Nvidia keynote at Computex. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is set to livestream on Monday, May 29, 2023 at 11:00 am Taipei Time, which seems like a fair fit for before the end of May. Though it’s likely we’ll get some more information before then through other channels.

The embargo information also lists May 5 as the date cards will ship to channels, so we are more likely to see some hard and fast facts about them after this date. Hopefully we’ll be able to dispel our fears about these very underwhelming rumoured specs.

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VideoCardz also points out the RTX 4060 Ti will be given the same PG190 board that’s used in the RTX 3060 Ti which could point to the lower memory bus we were worried about. It’ll be interesting to see what VRAM sizes the cards come out with, and how badly this may affect bandwidth. On the flip side it also gives credence to the idea that these cards might come in at a nice low price, given they’re using some last gen tech. 

It’s also only using a PCIe Gen4 connection that’s been limited to eight lanes, so we certainly aren’t looking at your typical blazing next gen card. Instead, this card could make a great upgrade for people who aren’t ready to replace their whole kit yet. Or become part of a budget-minded build to be proud of. It’ll all depend on how much that cut down affects performance, and of course, the price. 

The regular RTX 4060 looks to be using a new board numbered PG173, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about this upcoming card. There’s even less solid information around this card than the Ti but it’ll be interesting to see the differences between the pair when they’re both out. 

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