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Right-click and tear through this Doom NFT mod

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You’ve seen them. I’ve seen them. We’ve all seen those hideous NFT apes litter our social media feeds, disgusting in their smug boredom. Now, a Doom mod will let you take the fight to the monkeys, tanking their value from behind the barrel of a double-barelled camera.

Released by modder Ultra.Boi on ModDB last week, NFT Doom replaces the denizens of hell with equally horrific primates pulled from the notorious Bored Ape Yacht Club—a collection of 10,000 procedurally generated apes that have come to represent the current state of NFT collection.

NFT Doom (2021)Ultra Boihttps://t.co/lHmCtQvkMp pic.twitter.com/r1Pvl1221rDecember 17, 2021

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Instead of taking on these beasts with shotguns and rocket launchers, the Doomguy instead uses a handheld camera to screenshot these high-value chimps. It’s a fun prod at the NFT communite’s growing ire against the idea of “right-clickers”, people who save and screenshot their overpriced pictures to highlight the absurdity of the idea anyone could ever own a jpeg. Comically large dollar amounts are subtracted from each Ape kill, tanking their value.

So far, it’s the only acceptable way I’ve seen to bring NFTs into games. But that hasn’t stopped crypto pushers from trying to infiltrate this space. Last week, Stalker 2 faced such strong pushback to its proposed NFT integration that its developer walked back those plans it within a day

Ubisoft, meanwhile, is still very much full steam ahead on its own uninspired Breakpoint NFTs. But as spotted by Respawn (and former Ubisoft) artist Liz Edwards, it doesn’t look like there’s much demand for marginally different metal helmets.

how are the ghost recon NFTs doing? I looked at the 2 3rd party marketplaces the Quartz site links and there seems to be… 15 sales total? 0 in the last day on 1 site? am i reading this right? pic.twitter.com/rWxvEW3NrhDecember 20, 2021

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Hostility towards NFTs has been a rare unifying factor across gamers of all stripes, with the only support for them coming from high-level management and folks already bought deep into crypto. That said, it’s easy to see why NFT pushers are attracted to this space—after all, Steam effectively primed the industry to accept that in-game items could be worth thousands of dollars.

NFTs might well be inevitable. But until then, why not waste a good few hours splattering those hideous things against the halls of Mars?

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