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Friday, June 14, 2024
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This site lets you play any Doom WAD file just like that

One of the classic PC meta-games has always been, "Will it run?" I've got some decent kit nowadays but in the mid-2000s all of...

PSA: Doom could be running inside your kids’ Halloween candy

Delightful tech makers and hackers at Adafruit have an important PSA for you this Halloween, asking you to be sure that someone hasn't gotten...

This Doom ‘speedrun’ took more than three weeks

Doom is the quintessential speedrunning game and, ultimately, that comes down to some of id's early design principles: Doom's WAD format ('Where's all the...

Doom hacker gets Doom running in Doom

Getting Doom to run on things that were never meant to run Doom is something of a cottage industry among a die-hard subset of...

Right-click and tear through this Doom NFT mod

You've seen them. I've seen them. We've all seen those hideous NFT apes litter our social media feeds, disgusting in their smug boredom. Now,...

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