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Hogwarts Legacy eye chest locations and how to open them

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Hogwarts Legacy’s eye chests are scattered around the castle and the land surrounding it. They’re hard to miss. These chests have big eyes that look around, and when you approach them, they hunker down and growl at you. You can’t open the eye chests by casting any spells or charms on them. It’s a little misleading, but once you figure out the trick, you’ll be able to open any one that you find.

Unlike the moth frames and field guide page objects that you need to cast a spell onto or near, these chests are opened by taking an altogether different approach—that is, you need to cast a spell on yourself for it to work. In this guide, I’ll give you all the eye chest locations, how to open them, and what you’ll get as your reward.

Hogwarts Legacy eye chest locations

First off, you’ll need to have progressed as far as the Secrets of the Restricted Section questline to get the Disillusionment spell from Sebastian. Disillusionment is basically an invisibility spell in lieu of an invisibility cloak. It lets you sneak undetected, perform Pertrificus Totalis on unsuspecting foes and, interestingly, keep you from being detected by chests with giant eyes. 

I’ve tried this a few times and if you’re too close before you cast Disillusionment, you won’t be able to open the chest. The best approach is to be out of sight, with the chest’s eye closed, cast the spell and then approach it to open. 

Even more unsettling, it sort of dies of shock after it’s opened, but you do get 500 coins for your troubles so, yay? These chests are often marked on your mini-map, so keep an eye out for them and listen for a banging and angry growl sound if you can’t spot them right away. Though with those giant eyes, they’re a little hard to miss.

Hogwarts Legacy eye chest locations 

Here are some of the eye chests you can find in and around Hogwarts early on. 

Viaduct Courtyard, Hogwarts

From the Viaduct Courtyard floo flame, head up the stairs, then up more stairs to your immediate right, so you’re almost doubling back on yourself. Head towards the wide stairs ahead of you but veer to the right, so you’re standing next to the wall of the tall tower ahead. Take the stairs on your left here and you’ll find the eye chest at the end of the path. 

Library Annex, Hogwarts

Head to the Library floo flame, run forward toward the book shelves, then turn left and run toward the wall. On your right is a gate. Pass through it, then run forward until you reach the stairs down. At the bottom, turn left, then run through the left doorway until you enter a room with a rectangular cutout in it. Go through the doorway that takes you downstairs, then run forward through the rooms until you reach a table with a green lamp on it. The eye chest is on the left.

Greenhouses, Hogwarts

Take the Greenhouses floo flame, then turn left. Run forward until you reach the tree and then go down the stairs behind it. The eye chest is tucked away below.

Professor Fig’s Classroom, Hogwarts

Head through the door right next to Professor Fig’s Classroom floo flame to find the eye chest on the back wall of the bathroom, beneath the window. 

Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom, Hogwarts

From the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom floo flame, head down the steps ahead, take a left at the bottom and you’ll find this eye chest in the corner ahead. 

Bell Tower Courtyard, Hogwarts

With your back to the Bell Tower Courtyard floo flame, head up the stair on your left, then up the next set of stairs on your left. From here, follow the path up more stairs and you’ll eventually reach the eye chest at the end of the path. 

Lower Grand Staircase, Hogwarts

From the Lower Grand Staircase floo flame, head straight ahead and down the stairs, then turn left and up more stairs. You’ll find a circular room at the top with a statue. The eye chest is against the wall to the left of the statue.  

Circular room past sleeping dragon, Hogwarts

Fast travel to the Transfiguration Classroom floo flame, turn around and head through the door on your left into the North Hall. Head forward and go down the stairs to your far right, and through the door at the bottom. Keep heading downstairs until you reach a room with a sleeping dragon. Follow the corridor to the right until you reach a room with casks then go up the stairs, through a barred door on the right.  Follow the spiral staircase downwards, and you’ll reach a circular room. The eye chest is against the wall to your right. 

Beside the pond, Hogsmeade

From the North Hogsmeade floo flame, head up the steps on your left and keep to the left of the pond. At the end of the low wall on the left, there’s a gap that lets you double back on yourself. The eye chest is at the bottom of the slope, against the building.

Dogweed and Deathcap, Hogsmeade

Fast travel to the North Hogsmeade floo flame and take the road north and over the bridge. You’ll find the Dogweed and Deathcap shop tucked away here. You can find the eye chest against the wall opposite Beatrice Green. 

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