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What happens if you kill 5-Torg in High on Life?

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Whether to kill 5-Torg or leave her alone is one of High on Life’s many decisions, and it’s not so strange to think that murdering a would-be alien crime lord might have some consequences. After you get the bounty gear from Gene, he’ll send you off on your first job to hunt down the infamous slumlord 9-Torg and find his knife—yeah, that angry one from the trailer.

In the slums you’ll find the knife and after fighting your way through wave-after-wave of incompetent alien ant goons, find yourself in an arena where 9-Torg is just about to kill her clone sister, 5-Torg. Defeat her to save 5-Torg and you’ll be left with the choice of what to do with her. Here’s what happens if you kill 5-Torg, and if there are any benefits or consequences either way.

What happens if you kill 5-Torg in High on Life? 

After you defeat her evil clone sister, 9-Torg, it turns out, as 5-Torg explains to you, that all Torgs are actually evil clones and she’s probably going to take her sister’s place as crime lord. You can either leave her be, or you can start shooting and stabbing her. This will make a new boss health bar appear. If you get it down to zero, she’ll die, and the gun will congratulate you on beating a secret boss.

That’s all there is to it! Just like the choice to stab Gene, there are no story consequences for murdering 5-Torg—High on Life really isn’t the kind of game that holds you accountable for anything. That said, unlike stabbing Gene, killing 5-Torg doesn’t give you an achievement; in fact, the only thing you’ll miss out on if you don’t is her dialogue as you gradually chip away at her health. Leave her be or kill her, the choice is up to you, but you can rest assured it won’t come back to bite you in the ass. 

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