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Grab a shotgun, demon slaying tactical roguelike Jupiter Hell has a release date

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Who’s ready for some ripping and tearing? What’s that? Everyone?

Jupiter Hell finally has a release date, chainsawing its way out of Early Access on August 5, 2021. This is the spiritual successor to the original Doom, the Roguelike project from back in the day, which made the old shooter into a turn-based tactics game—later called DoomRL and then DRL after some, you know, Zenimax legal threats.

Jupiter Hell is basically a turn-based action shooter where you use speed, explosions, and veyr large guns to murder lots and lots of demons as a single very angry space marine. The whole thing is stylized like it’s on an old CRT monitor and set to a thunderous heavy metal soundtrack.

Developer ChaosForge has had this in EA for about two years, and we liked it on EA release and I like the cut of its jib now. “Like chess… with shotguns!” says the game description. Which probably isn’t true except in spirit.

But that’s a spirit I can accept.

You can find Jupiter Hell on its website, and for sale on on GOG, Humble, and Steam. Jupiter Hell is developed by ChaosForge and published by Hyperstrange.

Anyways, here’s the extremely metal cover, which I like a lot for various reasons. We don’t normally post covers around here but this one’s great so I’m posting it.

See? It’s great.

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