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What’s the next game you’re looking forward to?

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It’s been over a month since Elden Ring came out, so it’s time for our collective eye to roam around and redirect its gaze onto the next big thing, like Sauron scouring the hills for hobbits. One quarter of the year has been and gone, but there’s still a lot of games left on the calendar. We’ve got a list of the games of 2022 to remind you what’s coming up. Which one are you planning to make room in your schedule for next?

What’s the next game you’re looking forward to?

Here are our answers, plus some from our forum.

Evan Lahti, Global Editor-in-Chief: Xenonauts 2. I like to call the first game “XCOM grad school”—it’s a more ruthless experience that strips any remaining Saturday morning cartoon-ness from Firaxis’ reboot, a strategy game that cares even less about stacking the odds against you. It’s more of a sim, especially within Xenonauts’ strategic “global” layer, which resurrects stuff like air combat and a more complicated tech tree from olde X-COM.

Robin Valentine, Print Editor: Midnight Suns. I guess I’m looking in the opposite direction from Evan—at an XCOM-like that’s way more Saturday morning cartoon. Going back to Chimera Squad recently, I think despite some flaws it was trying for something really interesting with its rapid-fire, bite-size version of XCOM’s strategy, and I suspect it was a stepping stone to the superheroic battles of Midnight Suns. Combine that with some interesting RPG twists, and I’m really fascinated to see how Firaxis’ latest shakes out.

Lauren Aitken, Deputy Guides Editor: Starfield because I need some new Bethesda in my life but also Star Trek: Resurgence because yes.

Nat Clayton, Features Producer: In my heart of hearts, it’s Splatoon 3. Sorry, PC gamers. I often worry I’ve become jaded about games, questioning whether I even still enjoy this medium, but that February 2021 Nintendo Direct reveal was an explosive reminder that videogames absolutely bang. I was also late to the last game’s party, only coming in after the updates and splatfests stopped, and I’m pumped to be getting in on the ground floor this time around. Now, I’m not sure if I have it in me to go full competitive and burn through another season of LUTI, but Splatoon 3 is absolutely the only game I care about for the rest of the year.

Unless you really, really need me to pick a PC game, in which case, uhh… Darktide? Homeworld 3? 

Jody Macgregor, Weekend/AU Editor: Now that Weird West is out—and based on the few hours I’ve played so far, is excellent—the next thing on my list is Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters, which comes out in May. Along with Xenonauts 2 and Midnight Suns, there sure is a lot of turn-based tactics representation on our lists and I’m OK with that. 

Though I’ll be keeping an eye on Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga as well. I’ve got a soft spot for the Lego games.

From our forum

Pifanjr: Definitely Starfield. My wife and I both played a ton of Skyrim and will probably get hooked on Starfield for several hundred hours as well. It’s going to be a challenge to figure out who can play when, as we only have one computer available, assuming the game even runs on it at all.

Colif: Well, Starfield is only one on list that isn’t a safe sequel or name we already know. I don’t have an answer to the question as I don’t know . Nothing so far.

Brian Boru: Ones I’ll have a close look at:

Company of Heroes 3
Old World
Sniper Elite 5
Stalker 2
The Settlers
The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

Of those, the clear #1 is Stalker 2. If they can come close to the original trilogy, it should be a great game.

DXCHASE: There’s a bunch, but to keep it simple, Diablo 4 and the Gothic Remake.

Kaamos_Llama: If I had to pick one it would be Baldurs Gate 3 right now. Going to need a nice turn based change of pace after all this Elden Ring.

WoodenSaucer: I’m looking forward to Breath of the Wild 2, but it just got delayed to 2023. I’m also looking forward to The Elder Scrolls VI, but I’m not sure it’s coming out in my lifetime. I might go into cryogenic stasis and have them wake me up when it comes out.

Alm: Like others, I’m looking forward to Starfield coming out. I think Forspoken comes out before that and I’m looking forward to that one. Also, the controversial Hogwarts Legacy.

flashn00ob: Darktide’s probably the biggest game I’m looking forward to. I’ve tried to get into Vermintide in the past and while I do like all the gameplay elements attached to them, I can’t really see myself growing fond of the Warhammer Fantasy setting. In fact, I think everything unique about Warhammer is mostly relegated to the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium, and having that dark fantasy setting be brought up to a spacefaring tech level while retaining most of the fantastical elements appeals to me a hell of a lot more.

McStabStab: I’ve been excited for STALKER 2, but with the invasion of Ukraine I understand that the project will be likely severely delayed or may not happen at all. In the end if the game never happens it’s such a small inconvenience compared to the tragedy that continues to unfold in the region.

ZedClampet: I was disappointed that Darktide was delayed, but I’m looking forward to getting it in September. Was hoping to have something to play during the summer, though. Other than that, I’m looking forward to Starfield and The Quarry. Was looking forward to Stalker 2, but that’s obviously not going to happen any time soon.

mainer: Above and beyond any other game, the one that I’m looking forward to the most is Starfield (like several other members have mentioned). There are other games I want to get to this year, but nothing comes close to anticipation and desire I have for Starfield. A new single player, open world(s) RPG from Bethesda, as well as being a whole new IP for them; I’ve been starving for one since Fallout Four. It’s not even Summer yet, and I’m looking forward to November.

Frindis: With the exception of Stalker 2 and System Shock: Remastered Edition both of which I don’t think will release this year, there is not much I’m looking forward to. The main reason is that my backlog is so full now that I could only dare put in one or two solid games or it will all just burst like a wafer-thin mint.

Sarafan: If I have to pick only one, then it’s Baldur’s Gate 3 for sure. It’s the next installment in my favorite series, so the game is a must play for me. It looks like we’ll get fantastic story and characters. These are core elements of good RPGs and Larian is already well-known for keeping the quality of these aspects. I also love D&D mechanics and although the biggest boom for computer games using this system is long gone, it may be one of the announcements of a big come back. I hope there will be other RPGs that follow the D&D path.

There are also some thing that bother me. One of them is the turn-based combat system which isn’t in line with the original two games. Of course it catches the spirit of real-life RPG sessions, so this doesn’t disqualify the game in my eyes in any way. It even gives me a feeling of slight excitement to finally see this system in action, but… it’s just not the same as the original.

I also have a problem with the atmosphere of the game. It feels more like another Divinity: Original Sin rather than Baldur’s Gate 3. I hope the final release will immerse me deep enough to forget about this.

These two downsides won’t keep me from enjoying the game however. I doubt Larian won’t be able to release a quality product. I expect entertainment that will last for several dozens of hours with a potential for subsequent playthroughs. Too bad that we’ll have to wait until 2023 to see the full version of the game.

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