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Fortnite: Where to place missing person signs in Weeping Woods and Misty Meadows

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Fortnite week 4 continues along with a whole new batch of challenges for players to get some bonus XP. Sticking with the alien invasion theme, a new multi-stage set of quests has you searching for clues at Steel Farm, and after that you’ll need to place missing person signs around Weeping Woods or Misty Meadows. I guess those aliens have ramped up their abductions. At least they’re giving away good loot in the mothership.

Since both locations are so huge, it can be tough to find out where to place missing person signs, which just appear as transparent blue shapes before you interact with them.

We’ve done the hard work for you, though, so don’t worry. You only need to place four missing person signs, and you can knock them all out in Weeping Woods, so we’ll go with that location.

Weeping Woods missing person signs

Missing person sign 1: North side of the north lodge building, just outside the main entrance.

Missing person sign 2: West side of the smaller lodge building, just outside the main entrance.

Missing person sign 3: East side of the same smaller lodge, again outside the door.

Missing person sign 4: Go south past the RV parking lot and you’ll see a stone building, where the outdoor bathrooms are located. The sign is just outside of the left door.

Place all four signs and you’ve got yourself another helping of bonus XP, which gets you more battle pass stars.

That’s just the second stage of a five-part challenge set, so make sure to check back at our Fortnite hub for more challenge guides for week 4 and beyond. We’ve got alien artifact locations and this month’s Fortnite Crew skin.

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