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Your guide to Torghast, World of Warcraft’s endless dungeon

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Want to know what’s changed in WoW Torghast? The endgame challenge dungeon was first introduced with the launch of Shadowlands. And if you’re going to craft legendary gear for your character, you need to venture through the different levels to gather the currency required.

The Shadowlands 9.1 update brought several significant changes to Torghast, and you’ll need to be aware of how these will affect your weekly runs. One of the biggest changes is the new scoring system and its use to unlock subsequent layers. So here’s everything you need to know about WoW Torghast in Shadowlands 9.1.

9.1 changes

WoW Torghast: What’s changed in 9.1

The new Chains of Domination update introduces several important changes to Torghast. You still want to complete as many layers as possible in a given week, so here’s a rundown of what you can expect from Torghast in 9.1.

More layers
When Shadowlands launched, only eight layers were available, with increasing Soul Ash rewards for each one completed. 9.1 introduces four additional layers that reward Soul Ash and the new currency, Soul Cinders, needed to upgrade legendary gear past rank 4. 

Soul Ash increase
The Soul Ash you receive from the first eight layers has been increased. Additionally, you’ll be able to earn a small fraction of that amount if you re-clear the same layers during the same reset.

Fewer floors
Each Torghast layer now has five floors to work through instead of the previous six. You can still find the vendor on the third floor, and the final boss has been moved to floor five.

No more death restrictions
Previously, you only had a set amount of lives when working your way through Torghast. If you used them all up during a run, the Tarragrue would hunt you down, and you would fail.

More Torments added
If you’re not sure what Torments are, the most recognisable is probably the constant fire damage debuff, previously found in The Soulforges wing. All current Torments have been removed and have been replaced with new ones. These will be applied to Layer 4 and above and are random, changing per wing, per day. Higher levels are likely to see multiple active Torments.

New score system and skill tree
Your Torghast runs will now be scored based on your performance, giving you the chance to gain Tower Knowledge, which can then be used to unlock perks in the new ‘Box of Many Things’ skill tree. These perks will help to make subsequent Torghast runs a bit easier.

Bonus floors
If you manage to clear Layers 1-12 and gain enough Tower Knowledge, you can unlock a perk that allows you entry to the Adamant Vaults. This bonus area contains new enemies and traps and offers rewards such as access to new transmog items and a battle pet.

How to unlock

WoW Torghast: How to unlock it

To enter Torghast, you’ll need to do the introductory series of quests that takes you to the Maw zone at level 60. There you’ll slowly befriend Ve’nari, the Broker hiding out in the Maw. Complete her first series of quests and she’ll open the portal to Torghast right in her area of the Maw, where you enter when you jump into the Maw from Oribos.

If you continue to do Ve’nari’s quests, kill rares and complete daily quests in the Maw, you’ll gain friendship with the Broker, who will sell you permanent upgrades that make Torghast easier and more rewarding.

To enter Torghast’s lobby, simply walk in the portal on the opposite side of the chamber from Ve’nari.

How to get to Torghast in WoW

Once you’ve entered the lobby of the dungeon, head forward to the shard set in the floor and head left to the first wing or right to the second. If you try to walk through the portal, you’ll be presented with the option to queue for the scenario, which can be completed solo or in a party of up to five people.

As you’re queueing, you can choose which level you want to start with. From 9.1, you’ll need to reach a certain rating to unlock the next layer, though it’s unclear if this applies to all characters across your account.

If you queue for a higher difficulty level, you will earn all of the rewards you would have by completing all of the lower levels at the end of that layer. 

What you’ll find in the Shadowlands Torghast dungeon

Each wing of Torghast offers a different end boss, and these rotate from week to week. There are six in total, so it takes three weeks to cycle through all of the bosses. This is important because some bosses specifically drop one Memory of the Runecarver or another that you might need for your best-in-slot Legendary item.

You will always receive the full amount of Soul Ash for completing levels 1-8 for the first time each week, and both Soul Ash and Soul Cinders for completing levels 9-12. Each level has five floors: Four normal floors with mini-bosses and the final boss-only level. Here’s what you’ll find on each floor:

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  • Quest objectives: Each floor within a level has a bonus event or objective that you can complete for extra WoW Anima powers.
  • Mobs, Mawrats and rares: A wide variety of trash packs populate these halls, including elites, sometimes rare elites (which drop an Anima Cell to give you additional powers), and Mawrats. These easy to kill non-elites are notable only because many of the Anima Powers interact with them, making them explode when you kill them or buff you or reset cooldowns, for example.
  • Souls: Freeing souls gives you a stacking buff to your stats, which persists through death. Completing souls’ bindings instead (starting with level 3) gives you a higher buff, but it expires in three minutes, forcing you to find another soul.
  • Geography: The corridors are semi-randomly generated in each level, so there are lots of twists and turns and dead ends. To make it easier to see where you’ve been, you might consider dropping raid markers, guild banners, or toys (such as the Stackable Stag) that persist so that you can easily see when you’ve cleared an area.
  • Ashen Phylacteries: These destructible Diablo-style urns can contain soul fragments, Anima Cells or other Anima-Power-related items.
  • Traps: Torghast has a multitude of traps, and they hurt. Any corridor without monsters should be viewed with suspicion. Blades swing from the walls, spikes shoot up from the floor and flames can quickly turn you crispy.
  • Chests: One possible floor event (replacing the chance for quest objectives) is a locked chest, forcing you to manipulate levers or runes to open it for Anima Powers.
  • Floor mini-bosses: At the end of each floor is a mini-boss, a mob that has been powered. Killing it gives you an Anima Cell and passage to the next floor.
  • Anima Cells and powers: Swirly smoke orbs hanging in mid-air can be clicked to select Anima Powers, the sometimes steady, sometimes amazing, sometimes downright silly abilities and buffs you can use as long as you remain within that wing of Torghast.
  • Brokers (3rd and 5th floors): Brokers offer you purchasable Anima Powers, Anima Cells that you can drop, and other buff items. They also exude an aura that allows you to change talents.
  • Bosses: There is one boss per layer, always located on the 5th floor. Who it is on each level, in each wing, rotates from week to week.

At the end of each layer you’ll receive Soul Ash—and Soul Cinders if you’re completing Layers 9-12—after defeating the final boss. So don’t forget to loot the boss before you leave.

How twisting corridors works

After you’ve completed the eight normal levels of Torghast, you’ll unlock the Twisting Corridors, the endless levels you can run for cosmetic items including a pet, toy, title and mount. These are more-randomly generated than the normal levels, generating 18 layers each time, that are collected in groups of three.

When it comes to dying, doing so too often in a Twisting Corridors Torghast run will eventually set the big bad Tarragrue on you that will chase you down and kill you. The death limit varies based on party size (starting with five deaths for one person) and whether you’ve bought the increased-deaths upgrade from Ve’nari.

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