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A magical Windows XP activation tool has been hiding in plain sight on Reddit for the last year

If the word "Pentium" or dreamy photos of rolling green hills ignite a nostalgic fire within you, prepare to get pumped: recent developments have...

I’m enjoying the surface level absurdity of Microsoft updating DirectStorage 1.2 for the benefit of ye olde hard drives

Microsoft has released its new DirectStorage 1.2 SDK, the latest update to the biggest thing to happen to SSDs since we shifted away from...

Why the hell did no-one tell me I could actually make the Prt Sc button useful?

Right up there with the Turbo button on '90s PCs, the Prt Sc button on your keyboard is almost as useless. Microsoft is about...

Nvidia’s CPU hogging bug finally and fully nixed with official driver release

After releasing a Hotfix driver version 531.26 last week, Nvidia has now implemented a full WHQL release to finally and fully fix the bug...

The Microsoft Store finally gets a much-needed overhaul for Windows 10 and Windows 11

A new Microsoft Store is coming to both Windows 10 and Windows 11. During its Windows 11 presentation on Thursday, Microsoft showed off the...

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