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Thursday, June 6, 2024
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Team Fortress 2

It only took 16 years for Team Fortress 2’s voice cast to actually play the game

For a game notoriously bereft of major updates, Team Fortress 2 sure does seem to be everywhere recently. Or, more specifically, its voice cast...

TF2 is getting an ‘update-sized update’ this summer, but the community has to make it themselves

Valve has put out a blog post revealing that Team Fortress 2 will be getting a "major update" this summer⁠, which is to say...

You can now play through Team Fortress 2’s Meet the Spy short

Way back in the day, Valve had a wonderful idea for marketing Team Fortress 2—it made a bunch of high-quality shorts that were both...

Former Valve economist calls Facebook’s metaverse ‘a Steam-like digital economy’ with Zuckerberg as its ‘techno-lord’

Former Greek Finance Minister and one-time in-house economist at Valve, Yanis Varoufakis, gave a long and freewheeling interview to the website, the Crypto Syllabus,...

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