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Excuse me, Skyrim on Switch costs how much?

We're starting to see the dawn of $70 games, with AAA releases like the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Call of Duty pushing for...

Finally, keyhole-peeping comes to Skyrim

There was a time, back in the early 2000s, where it felt like I spent a good chunk of my gaming time sticking my...

Reddit learns you can shoot down Skyrim’s beehives to get honey

The long-running webcomic xkcd did a strip I think about a lot. It's about why we shouldn't make fun of people for admitting they...

UFC star Robert Whittaker is now a fully-voiced Skyrim companion

When Skyrim released back in the days of yore, 2011 AD, it probably didn't occur to anyone that it'd be an ongoing concern ten...

Skyrim Anniversary Edition’s new quests are good, but the best parts are hidden in journals

I haven't sifted through the dozens of hunks of Creation Club stuff contained in the Skyrim Anniversary Edition yet. What mainly interested me about...

Watch these amazing Skyrim Sopranos mashups ya goombas

The Sopranos isn't just one of the best TV shows ever made; it turns out that it's a pretty funny lens through which to...

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