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Skyrim Special Edition

Finally, keyhole-peeping comes to Skyrim

There was a time, back in the early 2000s, where it felt like I spent a good chunk of my gaming time sticking my...

Scientists ‘reconstruct’ Skyrim skeleton’s face, looks like Iggy Pop

Ancestral Whispers is an organisation that, among other projects, specialises in facial reconstructions of prehistoric humans. Its software is based on the pioneering methods...

Skyrim Anniversary Edition’s new quests are good, but the best parts are hidden in journals

I haven't sifted through the dozens of hunks of Creation Club stuff contained in the Skyrim Anniversary Edition yet. What mainly interested me about...

The version of Skyrim on Game Pass is moddable—with limits

By default games acquired through the Windows Store, including those on Game Pass for PC, install to unchangeable read-only directories, making them impossible to...

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