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Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer apologizes for Redfall’s ‘disappointing’ launch but promises to keep working on it

Redfall is out, and to be blunt, it is not good. It's a "flat, dull experience," we said in our 44% review (ouch), "that...

Phil Spencer says Keystone was put on ice because it was ‘more expensive than we wanted it to be’

It looks like the only place we're going to see Xbox's console-less game streaming device is on Phil Spencer's shelf. In an interview on...

Microsoft says it will keep Call of Duty on PlayStation ‘as long as there’s a PlayStation out there’

Microsoft's Xbox boss Phil Spencer has made his most far-reaching promise about keeping Call of Duty on Sony platforms yet, saying during an interview...

Phil Spencer says Microsoft really wants Activision for mobile and PC games

It would be reasonable to think that Microsoft's pursuit of Activision Blizzard was driven to a significant degree by Call of Duty. It's one...

Xbox boss is ‘evaluating all aspects’ of Microsoft’s relationship with Activision Blizzard

Embattled Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick remains at the head of the company and continues to have the backing of the board of directors,...

Phil Spencer says he worries about the loss of videogame history

Old books are easy to read, old music is easy to listen to, and even old movies and television shows are easy to watch,...

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