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Samsung’s new microLED TVs are five million times faster than your gaming monitor

You know how OLED panels make LCD monitors look like slugs when it comes to response times? Well, you might want to sit down....

The trend in 16:10 gaming laptops over CES 2023 shows we’re finally evolving

Alright, what's with these funky 16:10 gaming laptop screen ratios at CES 2023? I swear every other gaming laptop announcement over the past couple...

What you need to know about HDR for PC gaming

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and what it means when you see it plastered on a gaming monitor, TV, or game is that...

This 27-inch QHD 165Hz monitor nails it for $235, but you probably can’t buy it

Fancy a 27-inch 1440p 165Hz gaming monitor with a VA panel for $235? Sure you do, and so do we. Give it up, therefore,...

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