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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Austin Powers in Mass Effect is yeah, baby, yeah!

"Is this the kind of person we want protecting the galaxy?""That's the only kind of person who can protect the galaxy."So begins one of...

Mass Effect Legendary Edition sold even better than EA expected

It's fair to say, without diving too deep into the soothing warm waters of hyperbole, that Mass Effect: Andromeda did some serious damage to...

Mass Effect modders to restore same-sex romances from unused audio files

The recent release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has come with various revelations about the history of the series, and some changes: elements that...

All the characters you can romance in the Mass Effect trilogy

The Mass Effect romance options are an integral part of relationships with your crew in all three games. While you can just choose to...

A new mod series adds the trappings of Mass Effect to RimWorld

The hands-down best modding team for RimWorld is working on a spate of new content from the Mass Effect universe, putting the "story, races,...

In Mass Effect: Legendary Edition the first game is a partial remake, the sequels are remasters

In a developer stream detailing the upcoming Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, BioWare explained some of the few changes that have been made to gameplay,...

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