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Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers designer looks on helplessly as streamer leaks next hero reveal

Marvel's Avengers just cannot seem to catch a break. It's been through a lot over the past couple of years—ugly bugs, a paid booster...

Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor is now playable in Marvel’s Avengers

The Mighty Thor Jane has been added to Marvel's Avengers today as part of a free update. She was teased back in April, with an...

Marvel’s Avengers gears up to bring in Marvel’s best character, but not on PC

Even publisher Square Enix had to admit on a recent earnings call that Marvel's Avengers had been "disappointing." Ever since launch the much-hyped superhero...

Marvel’s Avengers removes Denuvo and nerfs ridiculous Black Panther exploit

Marvel's Avengers recently hit version 2.0 with the release of War for Wakanda, which added yet another mini-campaign to the game and added Black...

The games you forgot released in 2020

Ah, 2020: a year so bad they named it twice. In a time with plenty to worry about outside of our favorite hobby, there’s...

Marvel’s Avengers still hasn’t earned back its own development costs

It's probably safe to say Marvel's Avengers hasn't been the superpowered success story Square Enix hoped it to be. Now, following the publisher's quarterly...

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