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PUBG’s latest patch adds an Apex Legends-style respawn system

Battle royales have come a long way since PUBG's initial release in 2017, with each new release attempting quality-of-life improvements to iron out pain...

System specs for sci-fi horror epic Callisto Protocol will terrify your PC

The system requirements for sci-fi gorefest The Callisto Protocol have been released via the game's official Twitter feed. And it makes for scary reading...

I’ve already seen far too much of The Callisto Protocol’s grisly death animations

Now that I've started to serve myself up as a snack for The Callisto Protocol's gruesome mutants, I better understand why the team is...

Ass Creed meets Ass Pan in the year’s weirdest videogame crossover event

Imagine, if you will, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, dropping silently onto his prey from the rooftops of Renaissance Italy—but instead of plunging his infamous...

PUBG’s new map lets you slingshot across it

It's not so long since PUBG went free-to-play, a change that belatedly recognised the battle royale genre had almost left it behind. PUBG may...

Krafton sues Google, YouTube, and Apple over alleged PUBG clones

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds studio Krafton has filed a lawsuit against Apple, Google, YouTube, and free-to-play game company Garena over two mobile games, Free Fire (originally...

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