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GPU shortage

Graphics card shipments increased by nearly 30% year over year in 2021

The worst of the global GPU shortage appears to be behind us. Prices are falling in most regions, cards are actually in stock at...

Miners say Nvidia’s cryptocurrency limiter hasn’t deterred them from buying GPUs: ‘LHR was pointless’

Nvidia's attempts to block cryptocurrency miners from making a profit with its GeForce RTX 30-series gaming GPUs may not have had the desired effect....

Has the crypto crash had any effect on GPU availability?

A sea of red in the cryptocurrency markets might not make for pleasant reading for some, but for gamers, it could be great news....

GPU shipments are expected to rise 10% in 2022

Graphics card demand continues to surge and supply is slowly rising to meet it. Shipments already grew in 2021 and this demand is expected...

The tragic state of PC building in 2021

PC component shortages. We've been here before. Sadly, shortages of high-performance components have been an all too common problem in the past half decade,...

This 7nm GPU out of China is said to rival AMD and Nvidia’s finest

Big Island, the first 'cloud training GPU' out of China, is getting ready for mass market after almost four years under the radar. And...

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