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Turns out it’s a weirdly good time to buy a new Samsung gaming monitor

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Samsung gaming monitors are some of the best around. Whether it’s strapping quantum dot filters to its panels, or stretching them out to be the widest around, Samsung almost always delivers a great gaming experience. And there are a host of great deals on its screens today.

Coming hot on the heels of Amazon Prime Day, however, and the discounts aren’t quite as deep, but both Gamestop and Amazon are offering money off some great screens.

This is down to a new swathe of Samsung gaming monitors hitting the market, such as the supremely tightly curved 32-inch Odyssey Neo G8. That’s the world’s first 240Hz 4K gaming monitor, and one with a seriously tight 1000R curve. That’s also $1,500, which is a huge amount of money to spend on a display that isn’t boasting an OLED panel.

Even if it is promising a retina-searing 2,000cd/m² peak luminance.

There are, however, both high refresh rate 4K screens and 1000R 240Hz gaming monitors with big discounts. Though not one single display offering all of that, other than the expensive new Neo G8.

Samsung Odyssey G7 | 32-inch | 1440p | VA | 240Hz | $799.99

Samsung Odyssey G7 | 32-inch | 1440p | VA | 240Hz | $799.99 $665 at Amazon (save $134.99)
The new Neo G8 is basically the heavily upgraded 4K version of this super-curved Samsung panel. Sporting a 240Hz refresh rate, this 1440p screen sports a Quantum Dot filter to boost color reproduction, and adds a decent 600cd/m² brightness level to the picture. This isn’t the cheapest it’s been, but is still a decent price for this panel.

View DealSamsung Odyssey G70A | 28-inch | 4K | IPS | 144Hz | $799.99

Samsung Odyssey G70A | 28-inch | 4K | IPS | 144Hz | $799.99 $629.99 at Gamestop (save $170)
But if you absolutely, positively, have to have 4K, then the Odyssey G70A is a good price right now over at Gamestop. Or in fact at Amazon where it’s also $630 . It’s a smaller display, but it is at least an IPS panel, and a relatively high refresh one at that.

View DealSamsung Odyssey G5 Series | 27-inch | 1440p | VA | 144Hz | $319.99

Samsung Odyssey G5 Series | 27-inch | 1440p | VA | 144Hz | $319.99 $249.99 at Gamestop (save $70)
This monitor saw a lot of action over Prime Day recently, and is still on offer at the same price. You’re getting a quality Samsung panel, with a 1440p native res and a 144Hz refresh rate. It’s also sporting a tight 1000R curve and a 27-inch display which will just about deliver on the extra immersion that’s meant to engender. You’re also getting FreeSync Premium support, so low input latency and a smooooooth gaming experience. It’s on sale at Amazon for $250 as well.

View DealSamsung Odyssey G3 | 24-inch | 1080p | VA | 165Hz | $249.99

Samsung Odyssey G3 | 24-inch | 1080p | VA | 165Hz | $249.99 $189.99 at Gamestop (save $60)
Here’s one that’s not on offer at Amazon, too. The 24-inch VA is an affordable, 165Hz panel that will deliver a slick gaming experience on a more modest PC gaming setup. It’s not a super-bright display, with only a 250cd/m² peak luminance level, but it’s speedy and has a minimal bezel and solid stand.

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