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This week in PC gaming: Evil Genius 2, Kingdom Hearts, Disco Elysium: The Final Cut, Outriders

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This Week in PC Gaming – March 28 to April 03

March 30

Evil Genius 2 – World domination strategy

Kingdom Hearts – Final Fantasy meets Disney

Shelter 3 – Elephant mom simulator

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut – VO and new quests hit our 2019 GotY

April 1

Outriders – 3rd-person looter shooter

Half-Life: Alyx is 40% off, Now – March 31

One of the best VR games ever made is also a Half Life game, and now it’s 40% off.

Explore Lara Croft’s manor in Fortnite, Now – March 31

Wow, who woulda thought, two brands crossing over? Welp, it’s true! You can explore Lara Croft’s mansion in Fortnite of all places. Solve some puzzles and get a free spray. Neato. Wonder if this kinda thing will catch on. Now through March 31. 

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