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This hidden Dying Light 2 blueprint gives you a literal finger gun

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Want to find Dying Light 2’s secret developer room and the blueprint for The Left Finger of gloVa? Or did you read that and say “How to find what the what? And the what?” Don’t worry. Either way, I’ll explain.

Big open world games are a great place for developers to hide secrets, and in this case Techland has hidden an entire room filled with references to past Techland games and the blueprint for a weapon called The Left Finger of gloVa—which is a nod to The Left Hand of gloVA, a weapon from Dead Island, and The Right Hand of gloVA, a weapon from the original Dying Light. The name itself is a reference to lead designer Bartosz “Glova” Kulon.

And The Left Finger of gloVa is absolutely a weapon worth having. You know what finger guns are, the gesture where you point at someone as if your hand was a gun. But instead of making a little clicking sound, this finger gun actually works. It’s both funny and effective, a legit hand cannon:

The blueprint for the The Left Finger of gloVa is hidden in a skyscraper in the Garrison District. First, you should finish the story mission Broadcast, a lengthy challenge that involves scaling the tallest building in the city, the VNC Tower, in part by using the grappling hook acquired in that same mission. Once you complete Broadcast, you can quickly get back up to the top of the VNC Tower first by using the winch at street level and then the elevator inside the building (it’s close to the bed and player stash) to get to the roof.

Once you’re up there, take a look off the side of the building to the south west. You’ll see another skyscraper with a long antenna on top and a parachute from an airdrop hanging off the corner. You need to make it to that roof, so leap off and use your glider. It’s a long ride, so keep an eye on your stamina and get there before it runs out. When you land, look for the transformer with a cable on it.

You might want to watch someone perform this dangerous skyscraper cable puzzle before you try it, so there’s a really helpful video below made by xGarbett on YouTube to show you how it all works:

When you plug in the final cable, you’ll be able to use your GRE key on the terminal on the wall, unlocking the secret developer’s room. There’s a lot of fun stuff and easter eggs inside (as well as a boomer zombie), including posters for other Techland games, a note from the developers, and the blueprint for The Left Finger of gLoVa.

Here’s the bad news: The Left Finger of gloVa takes a whopping 369 scrap to craft. That’s a lot! On the plus side, it’s a genuinely great gun in a game full of melee weapons. Just equip it and click middle mouse, and Aiden will stick out his finger and blast anything you point at. Aim carefully, though. You only get 16 shots with this gun before it fully degrades and you’ll have to build another.

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