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The Steam News Hub is now live for everyone

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The Steam News Hub, previously only available as an experimental Steam Labs feature, went live today. It lets you follow news, quickly find game updates and it also informs you about scheduled downtime and events, all from within Steam. Visually, it hasn’t changed much from the last time we looked at it, but it’s now even easier to find news curators, which includes news sites like this one.

The Featured section, which shows you updates and events for popular games, has been renamed slightly from “top sellers” to “top sources”, as it will not only show popular game feeds but also news feeds many users follow, as well as recent popular news items. There’s also a new tab for the official Steam blog. You can customise the news hub either by managing your store preferences or changing what type of posts you’d like to see—the hub automatically includes news on games you own, but you can opt out of certain kinds of content, like live streams or new releases.

If you want to see PC Gamer news on your Steam News Hub, all you have to do is type PC Gamer in the News Hub search bar and then follow our feed—from there you can also immediately access our store recommendations for games you shouldn’t miss. The Steam News Hub is now available for every user here on Steam. 

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