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Tell Me Why is free this month

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All three chapters of Dontnod’s supernatural sibling adventure Tell Me Why are free to download and keep on the Windows Store all month.

The first act of Tell Me Why went permanently free earlier this year. Now, though, the entire trilogy is free to keep on the Windows Store—though not Steam, for reasons that haven’t been communicated. In fact, Dontnod hasn’t said why Tell Me Why is being given away at all.

Considering the subject matter, mind, it’s likely Tell Me Why is going free for Pride month. The game follows a trans man as he reconnects with his hometown, an angle PCG’s reviewer Sam Greer felt could’ve been something special—if it didn’t quickly detour into Dontnod’s particular brand of superpowered shenanigans.

“Tell Me Why also wants to tell a dark and mysterious story about the twins’ past, with a dangerous hooded figure chasing them and covering up a conspiracy all while the threat of the supernatural looms over everything. The whiplash felt as the game swerves between these two tones borders on lethal.”

But when it does hone in on small town relationships, Tell Me Why can be something very special. At least, special enough that it’s probably worth a poke now that the whole thing’s free.

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