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The same group of UK regulators that blocked the Microsoft Activision acquisition is now looking into AI

Last week, the UK's Competition and Markets Authority announced that it is launching a review of artificial intelligence models to ensure that "AI continues...

BS your way through interviews and first dates with this ChapGPT-powered AR monocle

"So tell me about yourself." To some, it's a dreaded phrase that ruins blind dates or job interviews right from the start. Don't you...

Elon Musk says his TruthGPT AI is ‘unlikely to annihilate’ humanity

I really want to take Elon Musk's claims to be creating "a maximum truth-seeking AI" called "TruthGPT" at face value. I really want this...

One of Bing’s new ChatGPT personalities wrote me some seriously puggy fanfic

You can now change the personality of Bing's ChatGPT integration to either be more entertaining or give you just the facts, ma'am. At the...

Nvidia predicts explosive future for AI even as gaming graphics revenues plummet by 46%

Nvidia has released its latest earnings info showing revenues down by 46% in the most recent quarter compared with the same period a year...

Microsoft confirms ‘multiyear, multibillion dollar investment’ in the maker of ChatGPT and DALL-E

Confirming a rumor that surfaced earlier this month, Microsoft has announced a "multiyear, multibillion dollar investment" with ChatGPT developer OpenAI which it says will...

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