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Steam’s Year in Review serves up highlights of your 2022 playtime

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Steam’s brand new Year in Review feature will give you one of a Replay-style summaries of what you got up to on the biggest PC videogaming platform this year, with metrics like most-played games, percentage of playtime, and when you played it—even stuff like how many individual sessions of a game you launched.

Here’s how to get your Steam Year in Review: Browse to the New & Noteworthy tab at the top of the Steam store on either website or desktop app, then click Steam Replay 2022 to get your… Steam Replay 2022. On mobile, you’ll have to tap Menu up top to get to New & Noteworthy. Tada.

Alternately, you can just click on a link right to https://store.steampowered.com/replay/.

The new feature comes complete with pretty nicely robust sharing options that let you set your replay as visible to just yourself, your friends, or the general public. You can also use the sharing buttons to cook up screenshots in aspect ratios readymade for sharing on your favorite social media venues. Always a plus, to me. (The page background is even nicely tiled with games you played. Love that. Thanks, graphic designer!)

People are already sharing theirs around, and I’m learning a lot about some of my friends that I didn’t know. For my part, however, it’s a very game-writer-critic festival: Over 75% of the games I played this year were released this year, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone seeing as that’s my job.

Again, you can find the Steam Year in Review on https://store.steampowered.com/replay/.

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