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Skyrim mod turned standalone mystery The Forgotten City arrives this summer

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Time-travelling murder mystery The Forgotten City will now begin its temporal investigation this Summer.

A standalone adaptation of the award-winning Skyrim mod of the same name, The Forgotten City retains the same setup. Relive the final day of a utopian underground society, and untangle the events that led to its inhabitants becoming solid gold statues—and if you’re smart enough, potentially prevent them entirely.

Going standalone means swapping Tamriel for ancient Rome. But it also means giving the original mod’s script (which won an Australian Writers’ Guild award in 2016) more room to breath, no longer tied down by mountains of Elder Scrolls lore. 

We got our first extended look at The Forgotten City last summer, and while its subterranean Roman town looks gorgeous, that trailer highlighted some spotty framerates and stiff animations. With the game delayed past that planned Winter 2020 release (and a previous delay out of  2019), lets hope the extra time brings some extra polish before the game goes gold on Steam this Summer.


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