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Satisfactory update 5 has a rampload of new cosmetics and structure parts

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If you, like me, know that a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing factory is a beautiful factory, then I have a treat for you. As we’ve known for a few weeks now, Satisfactory update 5 is on the way, and in addition to some map reworks it’ll hit with a bunch of wonderful new cosmetic, structural, and foundation pieces for factory-building. 

As the trailer above shows off, Satisfactory is going to have all maner of new pillars, railings, fences, roofing, beams, walkways, and frames. First off, you’ll be able to plop railings onto ramps—a much-requested feature among the factory building elite. New, smaller pillars will go nicely in three types, and metal beams can be used as structural elements. And what will you use beams and pillars for? You’ll use them to hold up new regular, metal, and glass roof components. No more using floors as roofs.

Stairs, walkways, and frames have gotten an aesthetic facelift, as well as the addition of stair walkways. You’ll also have frame walls, ramps, pillars, and floors to go with the current frame foundation blocks.

My factory is going to look majestic.

Additionally, the new update will change how clearance works for structural pieces,  letting you stack and clip them into each other. It’ll also have a new feature to multiple-build foundations, ramps, walls, roofs, fences, pillars, and beams up to 10 at a time. You can read more about it all on Steam, or watch the video below for an in-depth overview.

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