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Saints Row will include customizable dong and nipple censors

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The upcoming Saints Row reboot apparently won’t be as “edgy” as its predecessors, but it’s not turning its back on the excesses of the series entirely. In a developer presentation hosted by actress Mica Burton (who you may also recognize as a 2021 PC Gaming Show co-host), Volition detailed the game’s in-depth customization system, which allows for asymmetrical face customization and lets players choose their own dong censor icon.

Character customization has always been a big part of the Saints Row games, and the reboot is clearly leaning heavily into that aspect of it. Beyond just characters, players will also have the ability to collect and customize vehicles—more than 80 of them in total—with cosmetic and performance upgrades.

Weapons are on the customization table too, of course. You can tune up your firepower with selectable materials, textures, colors, and decals, or if you prefer you can swap out entire models for a whole different look: Stuff your .44 Bulldogs into giant foam fingers, or put a rocket launcher inside a guitar case, El Mariachi style.

But the real standout, for me, are the “modesty” options. There’s a lot going on here:

That’s a full 30 different coverage options for your junk, including the classic eggplant, Sims-like pixelation, a tasteful “censored” block, a sexy peach, a naughty bomb, and a whole bunch more. And that’s not all! For a more traditional approach to covering up, you can force underwear on. 

Nipples also have their own range of customization options. Volition confirmed during the presentation that none of these options are gender-specific: Everything is on the table, regardless of your build.

Here are some more screens, showcasing what can be done in non-dong-related situations:

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It’s a lot of work for what is, when you get right down to it, a pretty throwaway gag. But Volition clearly takes Saints Row’s history of over-the-top customization seriously: Creative director Brian Traficante said at the end of the presentation that “something is coming out” that will give players access to the Saints Row customization tools ahead of the game’s release. That’s set to take place on August 23.

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