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Where to open mission kit then place a jammer outside the IO base in Fortnite

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This week, you’ll need to open a mission kit then place a jammer outside the IO base to complete Fortnite’s first legendary quest of the week. This challenge can be, well, a challenge if you don’t know where to look. To be fair, what even is a mission kit? To put it simply, it kind of looks like any other large loot crate you’d find on an IO base, but the map Epic has given us does us no favors, and you might be lost early on.

This challenge asks you to pull off a fairly dangerous infiltration, so you’ll want to be on guard as well. Read on for our full guide on how to complete this challenge. There are two locations you can complete this challenge, but we went with the option at Corny Complex.

Open Mission Kit location

Your first stop is the hill northwest of Corny Complex, overlooking the road that runs along the river. You’ll see a regular loot chest, and on the opposite side of the tree is a larger loot chest that should look familiar if you’ve ever opened up an IO chest. Open up that larger loot chest AKA the mission kit and you’ll receive a jammer device that attaches to your back.

Check the image below for a visual guide.

Once you’ve finished that step, it’s a short, but dangerous jaunt down to the farmhouse at Corny Complex.

Place a jammer outside the IO base

Head to the farmhouse on the northern end of Corny Complex. Like similar treasure hunt challenges, you’re looking for the blue outline of a jamming device. That’s located on the outside of the farmhouse.

Check the image below for a visual guide.

Keep in mind that this is IO territory, so numerous guards will be patrolling, and even the Dr. Sloane NPC may be wandering around. She spawns clones of herself, so that just makes things even more difficult. Frankly, just focus on placing the jammer outside the farmhouse and getting the heck out of there.

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