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MudRunner is free this week on the Epic Games Store

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MudRunner, one of the best games to relax to while you’re stuck at home, is free on the Epic Games Store from today.

Before MudRunner, I associated  the word “offroad” with racing games. No one races in MudRunner. In MudRunner, you drive, and sometimes you don’t even do that much. This is the second part in the “Spintires trilogy”, which began with Oovee Game Studios’ Spintires, before lead designer Pavel Zagrebelnyy started working at Saber Interactive, where he developed MudRunner as a “spinoff”. MudRunner was succeeded by SnowRunner this year.

I’ve said it before, mudrunning is a lifestyle. This is a game for a certain type of audience—we may have called it ‘ultra niche’ before—mostly because the concept sounds like something that has no right to be fun: you drive an old, unwieldy truck loaded with logs across hills, through forests and through the aforementioned mud to its destination. To work out where you’re going, you’ve got nothing but a map and a compass. It isn’t much on paper, but it’s a good mix of slow, meditative driving through the Siberian mountains and situations that test your patience due to the game’s complex physics. If things are too frustrating or slow for you, try the multiplayer—with friends to help you any task turns into good co-op fun.

MudRunner is free on the Epic Games Store from November 26 to December 3 at 7:00 AM PT / 4:00 PM BST.

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