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LeBron James joins Fortnite to promote Space Jam 2 and Taco Tuesday

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Details on LeBron James’ Fortnite skin have dropped, courtesy of data miners like HYPEX digging through Fortnite’s upcoming update. So we’ve now got our first real look at the basketball legend’s look in the battle royale multiverse. As you can imagine, Epic Games has been thorough, giving LeBron multiple outfit styles, including a very obvious marketing tie-in to Space Jam 2.

We’ve poured over all the leaks to round things up for you, including the LeBron skin release date, price, and additional cosmetics.

In addition to the leaks, LeBron himself has put out a funny teaser trailer, showing off an IRL version of his Fortnite skin. Check it out below.

Y’all ready for this? @FortniteGame 😎👑💪🏾 #TheKingHasArrived 🤴🏾 #ad pic.twitter.com/xlrDqv8rSPJuly 12, 2021

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Credit where it’s due, that is absolutely a look I’d employ if I had even an ounce of the on-court talent he does. I’d really just like to find a custom tailor who’s willing to put gold lion heads on my shoulders.

Lebron Fortnite skin: First look

The first of LeBron’s Fortnite skins has him donning a black jacket (looks like he’s got his collared shirt underneath), lion head pauldrons, a golden crown hovering over his head, and a pair of black and gold wings that would let anyone dunk to their heart’s content. It also comes with different pairs of his own shoe line, the Nike Lebron 19.

The base style of this outfit also lets LeBron ditch the gold if you’re feeling more neutral. It turns the pauldrons from gold to black and gives his crown into a more pinkish hue.

It wouldn’t be Fortnite without a marketing tie-in, and of course LeBron is the star of the long-in-the-making Space Jam: A New Legacy. LeBron has a Tune Squad jersey and shorts with the iconic blue and orange colors.

Lastly, LeBron gets a reference to his own family life with the inclusion of a Taco Tuesday-themed outfit. LeBron frequently celebrates Taco Tuesdays at his home, and it’s become something of a meme for his fans. Thankfully, the alternate outfit doesn’t turn him into a nightmarish sentient walking taco like some other Fortnite skin might. You also get a cute little Taco backpack.

LeBron James in Fortnite: Other cosmetics

LeBron James is getting several additional cosmetics to round out his repertoire. First up is his “Silencer” emote, based on his on-court celebrating.

LeBron James’ “The Silencer” Emote! pic.twitter.com/vNeuoOapROJuly 12, 2021

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Of course, you wouldn’t be a sports star without a number. LeBron’s “6” back bling adds a big yellow or yellow/pink neon number to any character’s back.

As seen in the first image, LeBron has a glider cosmetic that gives him giant black and gold wings. His pickaxe takes the shape of a giant lion’s head with a mane of spiky hair that looks positively Super Saiyan.

Those extra cosmetics can be obtained by completing various challenges. It looks like HYPEX got a readout of what to expect when the skin goes live.

Lebron James Challenges for Golden Backbling, Glider, Outfit & Pickaxe pic.twitter.com/1KcBZwyeaDJuly 12, 2021

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Notably, LeBron’s gold and black outfits and cosmetics all come with a slider in the Fortnite locker that lets you adjust the color balance on each item.

Lastly, we’ve got a LeBron-themed loading screen showing him dunking on the gods.

LeBron Fortnite skin release date

OK, so when can we expect to see LeBron James arrive in Fortnite? Epic has announced LeBron will hit the item shop on July 14 at 8 PM ET.

We don’t know yet how much LeBron’s Fortnite skin will cost, though. That said, considering the multiple outfit styles, cosmetics, and more, I’d expect it to be a premium item. According to HYPEX, there will be different purchasing options.

“For those who are wondering, yes you can buy LeBron’s Pickaxe, Emote & Glider separately or all 3 at once as a bundle, but you can’t buy the Backbling along, you’d have to get the Original LeBron James skin or the 2 skins Bundle!” HYPEX said.

Make sure to check out PC Gamer’s Fortnite guides and news page for more updates on skins, challenges, and more.

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