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Intel to bundle Hitman 3 with its Rocket Lake CPUs

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Intel appears to be looking at unleashing a Hitman 3 games bundle. At least that’s the case according to @momomo_us on Twitter. The tweet covers the terms and conditions document that goes alongside the promotion and includes plenty of existing chips as well as the 11th Gen CPUs that are set to be officially unveiled by the end of the month.

IntelHitman 3 Gaming Bundle 🔫🚀 pic.twitter.com/Fnyj44OSdSFebruary 28, 2021

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So if you’re in the market for some meticulously planned out and flawlessly executed killing, then it may be worth holding off on that upgrade for a few more weeks yet. There’s no official word on when this offer will launch, but we’d assume it’d coincide with the introduction of the new Intel Rocket Lake processors, which are expected to drop by the end of March.

Intel’s previous give away, Marvel’s Avengers by Crystal Dynamics, wasn’t exactly a massive hit, although there’s still hope that the game can be turned around. Hitman 3 meanwhile has delivered on its promise from the start, managing to net the big nine zero back in January. This is a bundle that could be worth tracking down basically. 

Intel talked about the performance of Hitman 3 at CES 2021, where it showed off the performance improvement going from the current Comet Lake chips to the at the time just-announced Rocket Lake CPUs. The 11th-gen Core i9 11900K hit 140fps in the Dartmoor benchmark, while the current 10th-gen Core i9 10900K hit 129 fps. That’s a 7 percent improvement.

AMD’s Zen 3 chips have the edge over Intel’s current generation right now, although stock issues mean that Intel is still doing very well in the market. If Intel can manage a similar performance increase as seen here elsewhere, and actually get chips on the shelves, then it could be in a strong position once again.

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