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How to find and mine obsidian in Valheim

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Looking for obsidian in Valheim? You won’t find this resource until you venture into the Mountain biome, and even then it’s easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Obsidian tends to be found in some of the higher reaches of the mountains, so before you think about setting out to look for it, you’ll need to ensure you’re adequately prepared.

Obsidian can be used in a number of arrow recipes and these will unlock once you pick up your first piece. It’s also required for one of the Valheim workbench upgrades so you’ll want to make sure you collect some as soon as you’re able to do so. If you want to know how to find Valheim obsidian and what you’ll need to mine it, read on.

Valheim obsidian: Where to find and mine it

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Obsidian is found in the Mountain biome in Valheim—technically the fourth biome you’ll visit, though you can go there sooner if you have frost resistance potions or either the cape or the chest from the Valheim wolf armor set. You’ll also need an iron pickaxe to mine this resource, so you’ll need to raid a few crypts in the swamps to gather some Valheim iron before you seriously consider an expedition into the mountains.

Valheim obsidian is mostly found scattered across the sides of mountain peaks in small clumps. It’s easy to mistake it for regular small rocks from a distance, but the squarish shape and the tell-tale pattern on the side should help you to identify it. Hovering over it will confirm what it is when you’re close enough. 

Once located, it’s easy to mine and a couple of swings with your iron pickaxe should make short work of the node. Be careful though—mining in the mountains can have the unfortunate side effect of attracting the attention of nearby drakes and wolves, so keep an eye out for these threats while you’re working. 

What you can craft with obsidian in Valheim

Unlike iron, copper, and tin, obsidian doesn’t need to be smelted before you can use it. It can also be transported through Valheim portals, so you won’t need to worry about organising a special boat trip to get it to your main base.

Here’s what you can craft with Valheim obsidian:

Tool Shelf (workbench upgrade)

  • Iron x4: Smelted from iron scraps.
  • Fine wood x10: Chop down Birch and Oak trees.
  • Obsidian x4

Frost arrows (x20)

  • Wood x8
  • Obsidian x4
  • Feathers x2
  • Freeze Gland x1: Dropped by drakes in the Mountain biome

Obsidian arrows (x20) 

  • Wood x8
  • Obsidian x4
  • Feathers x2

Poison arrows (x20) 

  • Wood x8
  • Obsidian x4
  • Feathers x2
  • Ooze x2: Dropped by Blobs in the Swamp biome.
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